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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trend Finder!!!

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**Click here for a detailed look at August's numbers and results
August 25th, 50% bearish, 8:10
August 25th, 25% bearish, open
August 24th, 100% bearish, open
August 19th, 75% bearish, 8:00am
August 19th, 25%bearish, 7:00 am
August 17th, neutral- 8:00 am
August 16th, 50% bearish- 6:45 am
August 12th, 100% bearish
August 11th, 50% bearish- 6:30 am
August 10th, 25% bullish- 7:30 am
August 9th, 50% bullish- 8:00 am
August 5th, neutral- 7:00 am
August 2nd, 100% bullish -8:00 am
August 2nd, 75% bullish -6:45 am
**Click here for a detailed look at July's numbers, and results
July 29th- 25% bullish
July 29th- 25% bullish
July 28th- 75% bullish
July 22nd- 100% bullish
July 21st- 75% bullish
July 16th- 25% bullish
July 13th- 100% bullish
July 12th- 75% bullish
July 8th- 50% bullish
July 7th- 25% bearish
June 30th- 100% bearish
June 24th- 50% bearish
June 23rd- 25% bullish
June 21st- 50% bullish
June 18th- 100% bullish

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