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Sunday, August 1, 2010

End of the Month "Trend Finder" update

The first full month of data is complete for the Trend Finder. This is set-up to catch the larger trend, and not for day trading, as shown in the above chart.
The month started at 100% bearish, and stayed in the bearish zone until July 8th, where it went bullish and has stayed there in varying degrees for the rest of the month, the break-down below is as posted during the month on the blog, and are EOD numbers, even though the signals were on the most part generated during market hours, and promptly posted in that days update, I have choose to use EOD numbers just so everyone can track and verify the results.
June 30th- 100% bearish
July 7th- 25% bearish
July 8th- 50% bullish
July 12th- 75% bullish
July 13th- 100% bullish
July 16th- 25% bullish
July 21st- 75% bullish
July 22nd- 100% bullish
July 28th- 75% bullish
July 29th- 25% bullish
This is where the trends were changed during the month.
This is the spreadsheet on trading the Trend Finder for the month of July. Again, I used EOD numbers just for verification. Numbers that were based on real time, using changes during market hours were above the 20% level.
I will be making quite a few changes on the Trend Finder today, to test during the month of August, including some internal rule changes, and varying the weight each indicator receives. Hopefully this will improve the speed that the Trend Finder reacts, with-out creating excessive whip-sawing.
Over-all, the month of July was a great success, easily beating the market, even though there were four distinct trends during the month the Trend Finder was able to reduced the long positions as the sell-offs occurred, and after the first sell-off completed on July 20th, was able to get back towards a more fully invested position quickly for a net gain.

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