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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trend Finder!!!

After spending the last few months putting together a set charts and indicators with the ultimate goal of setting up a mechanical trading system for my personal use, I have now reached the next point of testing in real time, after some limited back-testing has shown some promising results.
I am using a total of nine different indicators to provide buy and sell signals in a Voter system, and am now in the process of determining and tweaking the correct weight to give each signal, as some are more important then others.
This new system will replace the older system I have been using on the daily posts to show the direction of the current trend where I was using a system of higher highs, and lower lows based on the important ones according to Elliott Wave Principle. This new system also has an element of Elliott Wave built into it, and will provide a range of levels from 100% bearish, to 100% bullish, in 25% increments, catching a much larger chunk of the trend, with less lag time between trends.
As time goes on, I will provide monthly updates on the progress of this system, along with the results in a spreadsheet format. As the signals change, I will be updating them at the top, right-hand side of the blog, complete with the date of the change, and will also mention any signal changes in the daily post as they happen.
Please do not ask what I am using for signals, some of the charts you have seen before, but most have been kept under lock and key, and PLEASE understand, This is for Educational Purposes Only!!!!