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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Quick Layman's Observation!!

Something about this chart does not look good!!!
It is a comparison of the 30Y, 10Y, 5Y, 3Y, and the 1 month yields.
This is the SPX with the 1 month yield.
Do you think the Big boys are getting nervous about the near-term future?
Seems the majority of the money has been scrambling to short-term safety sending the 1 month T-bill down to a record low of .01%. It can not be a good sign when large investors get to the point of just trying to protect their money with no reward. Yields on the longer term T-Bills are growing at a substantially faster rate the further out in time they are, as the number of bidders have declined.
I get a really bad feeling the little guy will be left holding the bag, As the large investors have been fleeing to the safety of short term T-bills, the obvious question becomes where were they fleeing from?
Humm, the last three months all I have been hearing is "buy the dips!!".
I wonder who has been selling out at the highs?
And who is buying the dips?
I will leave you with one last chart down below, the Daily SPX with those Bollinger Bands that are showing something big is brewing!!!


  1. Nice work Col! This fits my count. Am I the only bear left? :>(

  2. nice charts col

    that bollinger band one, wow

    looks like the tightest yet since the start of the rally in march, very tight!


  3. col

    you and alpha have two of the best blogs ou there

    those bbands have me scared chitless bout a gap up rather than down

    i went back a couple of years and couldn't find any that were as tight

  4. Heck No Alphahorn!!! There are other Bears too..