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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Updates

This is getting crazy, the M.O. still stuck in the triangle, now up at resistance!!!
After the close, WOW, that turned into an uneventful day, with all the good news before the bell, the market sure did not move much. The SPX look to have finished up the "A" wave, and is currently in the "B" wave now, if my counts are correct. And at this point, although this is my prefered, my confidence is not that high it is correct.
I still feel uncomfortable with the TA the market is showing, that is, a large sell-off is coming soon that it would be crazy to even think about wanting to go long in real life. And the Bollinger Bands also fore-tell something big is coming, and I would not want to be caught long overnight if futures we to end up down 3-4% one morning.
Breadth was 2:1 advancers on light volume, the early numbers are showing the lightest of the week.
The SPX did manage to make a higher high today, but also dropped out of the Fib. fan. So the trend would still be up, but with caution as the EW says down.
I plan on spending lots of time pouring over the charts this week-end, and posting those that could help determine some direction for next week!!!
8:44, This is starting to get very worrisome, the Bollinger Bands are really tight now, something big is brewing on the horizon, and it is ready to explode. It is possible that it could start out as a head fake, with a quick throw-over to finish the final "C" wave up, before a large sell-off would commence!!!

Click here for a look at an updated chart!!!
8:24, With the SPX looking like it has broke out of the fan, it signals that this bullish wave maybe over. If so, I will add another fan when I have enough price action to set the points on the new fan!!

The Russell is back up to its old tricks again, being the weakest index the last two days.
This is the count I have had going for the last week, or so. Now it is going to get a good test to see how accurate it really is. We should start seeing a "B" wave forming today, then a "C" wave to finish the 3rd. wave up.
I am also watching for a hard sell-off because with a three wave pattern up, it could also be a corrective of the sell-off earlier this week as a 2nd wave of a 1-2 down pattern, that would be very bearish.


  1. I agree with you. Personally I see aleading diagonal from the latest high, thereforee what we are seeing now should be a 2.........let's hope to be right......

  2. Great job and beautiful charts, thanks a lot for all your hard work. During the day I keep your charts all the time, they do help. Market is quite difficult at the moment and it is very very difficult trying to make some money, let's hope for next week......long or short as it may turn out to be. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  3. Thank-you Donatoloscalzo, I am glad to hear that you are able to use the charts to your advantage!!!