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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday updates!!!

9:14, The Trend finder has moved to a neutral reading from 25% bullish, as of now, all the short-term indicators used are bearish, while the longer term ones are bullish.
7:32, Volume in this rally is dropping down to pathetic levels with declining volume already hovering around its lows, and now advancing volume is heading in the same direction. This rally is very fragile when conditions as these are present.
7:20, Momentum on this rally continues to wane, with the highest reading back at the beginning of the month, in other words, this rally is running on fumes. As we saw last year, it can slowly stair-step its way higher under these conditions, but when the trend does change, it is fast and furious wiping out weeks, if not months worth of gains in just a few days.

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7:07, The SPX is now entering its 4th day stuck in a trading range as evidenced by the narrowing Bollinger bands on the 30 minute chart. Under normal circumstances when the SPX finishes consolidating it should break-out in the direction of the original trend, in this case up, this is because consolidation helps to burn off the over-bought conditions, clearing the way for a continuance of the larger move.

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