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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday updates!!!

10:34, The Bollinger bands have really got tight, this is as extreme as I have ever seen them, expect a large move soon!!!
Click here for a live and updated chart!!!
10:25, After reviewing all the charts and indicators, this is the best short-term count I have come up with. There are a few things that I do not like, including the lack of the 1-2, of the small degree(black), and also that the SPX has already retraced over 62%. My confidence level is low on this count, but I see no better way to label it, bullish or bearish. Click here for a live, and updated chart!!!
The SPX recaptured the shorter-term Fib fan, the SPX still needs to break below that all important level of 1131 for the bears to enjoy their day, technicals are really weak on this rally, but as we saw last year during the hope rally, the SPX can advance on very weak technicals, and when the market does sell-off it is a quick and violent move to the downside. Another reason that trailing stops are a traders best friend.
8:21, This is a chart with a set of channels that has been on the first page of my public charts for the last month. This set-up suggest that the SPX could be in a 4th wave, but as of now I am having major problems on trying to get a valid count to match the chart, there is not another 1-2 available to support a 4th wave of this degree. Sometimes Elliott wave just needs to be put on the back burner as there are other technicals that are far more reliable when EW gets this confusing. For now, the trend does remain bullish until the SPX can start printing those lower lows. 8:04, Glad to be back after a much needed vacation!!!
Up volume is still declining during this rally, not a good sign for the bulls if it continues dropping.
I am still in the process of getting caught up with the all charts and the flow of the market and will update through the day as much as possible!!!
** Thank-you for all the e-mails, please be patient as I have a total of 285 to answer :)

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