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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, after the close!!!

The Summation Index is currently stalled, with the indicators in an over-bought condition, upping the odds a trend change back to bearish is probable. I prefer to wait for the Index to start printing a couple bars that are accelerating before calling a trend change, or for a resumption of the current trend.
After the close, Another boring day with weak volume (less then 1B), AND no follow-thru to Friday's bullish move.
Breadth closed close to even at 1.36:1, decliners. The Russell was unable to make a higher high above last weeks high of 672.38, and the divergences on the charts continue, including the daily SPX, where to RSI was not even close to making a higher high. The only worrisome part for the bears should be the consolidation today, which normally means the break-out occurs in the original direction of the larger trend, in this case that would be up, and that does fit with the count and the possibility that a move up towards 1158 would bring a nice equal length to this "C" wave, with that of the "A" wave.
I am still trying to get caught up with all the charts and e-mails, and will add more after Stockcharts gets the daily updated. I really interested in a couple of those charts to see if they went bearish.
***BTW, since I was not around over the week-end, I was unable to post a link to Roy's week-end video clip, but if you missed it, you can Click here to view the short-clip!!!

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