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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday updates

Here is a Renko chart for a little change of pace, when all the noise is cut out, there does appear to be a full clean five wave impulse structure, all most totally completed.
After the close, WHERES THE VOLUME?
This is really starting to get mind-numbing watching the market creaking up on diminishing volume. Todays micro-count is next to impossible to count, just a whole series of a-b-c's with over lapping waves. Breadth for the day was a whooping 1.33:1 advancers on very light volume. But the SPX did manage, squeak might be a better word, to make a new high, so theoretically, the trend is up. The indicators are back at over-bought conditions again at the close.


  1. Loser's Lament,

    First off let me say that i, and only i am responsible for my actions. I blame no one but myself.

    Given that, i have followed a number of ew bloggers over the past year and had i gone contrary to their calls i would be so much better off than i am right now.

    I am not a dummy. I attended a very prestigious college in Maine. I study the markets. I have taught myself tw and have been tryin g to learn ew theory. I also run a small business and am very well aware of how bad things are despite all the rosy spin being put on economic numbers. My company stands a good chance of folding this year.

    I wish i was not as smart as i think i am. I have over thought the market. Had i just rode this down and held i would be so much better off.


    I am destroyed financially because i thought rationally based on what i saw.

    Markets are not rational.

    I bought a ton of sndk at 10 only to watch it go to 7 when i gave up. Today it is 30.

    I capitulated today which i am sure means that we have reached a top that will hold for many, many years.

    I only hope that my family will forgive me for the financial peril i have put them in.

    God have mercy on me.

  2. if the comment by whitemule above is authentic, i ask that person to consider what a suicide would mean and feel to any children, grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and most of all, to oneself.

    it may be, and is sad, horrific, numbing, and humiliating (most of all to oneself) if one has lost greatly, not accomplished what had been expected (even if truly rational and reasonable) - but not as much so as the kind of final giving up, that suicide implies

    is there a reason or justification for suicide, in my opinion? yes, to prevent harm to others, to prevent further unbearable untreatable pain, yes, and possibly other reasons that only one can decide within oneself (even being a political or religious martyr, is a form of suicide, though, some may say, more so of dedication)

    but for losing financially in a system gamed by our own culture and history and social structure to, legally, strip you of any sense of what is the right or wrong thing to do to succeed? and legally leave you destitute, along with all those you love and look to you for love and care?


    if you are going to go out, do it with a purpose, one that will help those you care for, not leave them mourning, not ony your loss, but the loss of having trusted - having trusted you to be who they know you are....

    i don't even have a phone number or place i can say you should or could go to for assistance, but you obviously have a computer, and have access to the internet, so google it

    do it


    and god bless you, and ALL of us....

  3. Whitemule, I know your feelings, I also own a small electronic business, and the doors could shut at any time. Orders are down more then 50% from a year ago.
    But as long as people keep believing the media spin, who knows how long this could last. I dont think you have over-thought the market, but more likely the markets are being manipulated by the FED. I would really like to know how the FED generated their outlandish profits, but never needs to open their books. This is nothing more then a gigantic bubble, that when it does break, it will be violent, a rush of investors heading to the doors. If you are unsure how you should be positioned for now, remember, cash is a position!!!

  4. I like your Renko chart.
    Think or Swim does not have Renko charting.. I keep asking them and they just don't provide it.