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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I need to apologize for not getting more charts and analysis done this week-end, I ended up spending the majority of my time, 13 hours just on Saturday working on improvements to the blog. The first one can be seen above, now the Trendfinder is set-up to where you can see the signal strength yourself, instead of just comment the "New signals are weak". BTW, that is a chart of the Dollar, and its Friday BUY signal from Friday.
The second project this week-end is a BIGGIE, a brand new web-site where this blog, the chatroom, and the Trendfinder can be tied together in one web-site. This is a work-in-process project, but once it is up and running should be much better for everyone. Google blog-spot puts limits on what can be accomplished and in the real world of the Internet the options are unlimited. will be the new address, but a quick warning, I am still in the early stages and still working on the internal codes, appearances, and getting the site formatted. I expect to be able to switch over with-in a months time.
Trend Finder II is updated for both the daily, and weekly.

The Elliott Trader has a shell-shocker in this video. Was the entire sell-off from the highs in 2007 a corrective sell-off?
There are dozens of Fib relationships that do support a corrective count plus the fact that some of the waves down cannot be counted as impulsive per Elliott Wave Theory.


  1. I'm glad somebody finally has seen the light. Ever since the 2000 top everything has been 3's. There is a very simple explanation and that is the Nasdaq crash and the Fed intervention. Now many stocks have risen to all time highs. How can that be? Because these highs are in fact Supercycle irregular B waves. This next wave down will be a giant 3 wave affair labeled A,B,and C taking many years. The A wave will be a crash wave,the B a sharp correct zig zag,and then a 5 wave C down. I call this the great unification wave down as all stocks after this wave up will have finished their B's,W2's,V's and IB's. All will be in gear on the downside. Someting to think about.

  2. Just a obervation,It is hard to count these waves when always looking through a 5 wave lens. But using a 3 wave paradigm with just "a,b,&c's that is the perfect answer for such a dramatic sharp rise off the March '09 lows.

  3. anyway to figure whether this top will be the ultimate for this leg or whether the entire structure subdivides to create an expanding triangle?