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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Outlook!!!

The Elliott Trader has a new video out this week-end with a bonus, a look at the Crude Oil Markets. ET uses orthodox Elliottt wave theory, so if you want the real thing, please check this video out!!!
ET can be found daily in our online chatroom(CiL), if you have questions or would like to follow his intra-day charts and comments.

Here is a comparison of the SPX priced in Gold, still feeling long-term bullish?
Imagine if we were still on the Gold standard.

I decided to post my really long-term count after a few people have asked. There are multiple ways this can be counted, but after some extensive research that went back to the early 1800's that was done by Anchak I have come to the conclusion that this count carries the highest odds. There is one option on this chart I am not sure of, and that is if this final "e" wave of the IV will make a new low, or will form a flat. The Fib fans suggest that it could make a run down towards 600 and hit that lower orange fan line if the green long-term channel line breaks.

This is a chart of the Percent of Stocks over their 50day MA on the SPX, and is a great chart to identify trend changes. Friday the prices action dropped below the overlaid blue 20 day MA line, also of note, the over-laid dotted blue 10 day MA also crossed over the 20 day MA line increasing the odds that we do have a new trend started.
The Weekly Trend Finder II is now updated with some changes!!!

-Will The REAL Dow Please Stand Up! You May Wanna Sit Down For This

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