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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Updates, A Sea of Red!!!!

8:39, Silver Futures are at the make, or break line, a bounce here would support an on-going 4th wave, and a breakdown, would likely accelerate the price to the down-side, and confirm that the trend has changed to bearish.
This is a really well put together chart from "Gann360", that was posted in the comment section yesterday, Thank-you for sharing it!!!!
8:11, Although the Cash indexes in the US are closed, all the future markets are open. The Nasdaq 100 futures took a big hit on the Apple news, now down 1.34% and breaking below the 21 day EMA in an impulsive move, complete with a large gap at the open.
8:10, The World Indexes are Red pretty much across the board this morning, this is a great link for live quotes, Real-Time world Indices Futures quotes, you can always find this link under "My Favorite Charts" in the right hand column.


  1. Quick Thoughts on SILVER SLV Weekly :Of course a close back above the Channel would Negate the Bearish Pullback,Which just started,imo

  2. I think last week's outside weekly reversal bar was pretty convincing that a top of some importance might be already in...