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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday, After the close!!!

The Summation Index is still in a consolidation phase, but the bear in me is a little worried with the indicators on the bottom of the chart still in over-sold territory.
The SPX headed higher today, in what so far can be counted out as an impulse wave, giving the 1 wave up for wave 5 of 5 up with a corrective down wave that happened near the close for the 2nd. If things go according to plan, tomorrow should be a really good up day for the 3rd wave, with a large possibility of a gap up open for the point of recognition.

The trend still remains up for the SPX, and stays that way until it starts making lower lows.

There was not enough 52 week new lows for a Hindenburg Omen signal today with only 25 issues at the close, and if we continue with the above count I would not expect to see any more signals until we pull-back again, possible in the 4th wave, or not then, after the top of this wave is put in.

I was able to get my computer back to normal this afternoon, luckily I already has a version Malwarebytes Anti-malware installed on the computer before hand and after rebooting in safe mode was able to rid the C drive of all files from the virus. From what I was able to gather on the internet having this program already installed saved me hours of frustrations. There was some minor damage to my operating files but that was not bad and only took less then 30 minutes to fix. Then a few hours to do a head too toe full scan with all of the anti-virus software I have to double check nothing survived(nothing did). Just for the record, I use a major brand of virus protection software, that starts with Mc, and this virus downloaded undetected on my computer, I am not happy about that.

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