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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Updates!!!

Roy at the Elliott Wave Practitioner is NO longer bullish, after having a great run over the last few months as a bull, he has moved bearish for the next several months seeing good odds that a sharp correction is coming soon. The video starts out with some great general comments about the entire spectrum of the markets before he shares a few charts of Natural Gas, including a very long-term look, a quick hint, "growl"!!!
You can view the clip be Clicking here.


  1. Michael...Have been enjoying your blog. Would be interested in your analysis of Long Term Treasuries...Thanks!

  2. dude
    your roy was bearish at 1050....
    this market is going to 1300 min
    financials are breaking out...

  3. Blaise
    Nobody is perfect. Roy, love him or hate him, has been astoundingly correct on the big Treasury decline, as well as the rise in equities since September. He saved me a lot of grief (and money) with the Treasury call. I only wish I had listened to him on the equities side of the equation!

  4. dunno about bonds but he has been wrong many times with stocks,
    called the top many times already
    nobody's perfect they all have been calling the top,not talking about the permabeartards but even the bulls,attila,pug and on because they all make the same mistake,they want to be stronger than the market,this is a bubble ,it will go higher than people think before correcting,financials are just beginning to breakout,check AIG BAC least 1300