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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Updates!!!

The VIX looks to have filled the last remaining gap on the downside now just as the STO indicator is reaching extreme oversold conditions.
TNX which tracks the yield on the 10 year treasure is one of the big movers this morning, up 1.64% and moving yields to 3.35%. Results from the Trendfinder have been absolutely fabulous on this chart. Those white arrows are the buy/sell signals being generated with the system.
Click here for a live, and updated chart!!!
6:57, We did get that small move up I was expecting this morning to bring the price action and the indicators up to their respective points of resistance. All though the trend is up, I believe we are close to changing that, with a break below 1219.50, the previous lower low, will be the first sign that the up trend is in jeopardy, ultimately the break below 1176 will confirm that the larger down is down. The STO, the lower indicator is rolling over now into a sell. What little upside we get today should be short-lived.


  1. RE: TNX chart
    Is that 'trendfinder' system part of Ameritrade?

    or is there a way to get elsewhere like


  2. Jack, Think or swim, it is a system I have been working on for close to two years, but I have not revealed what constitutes the inner workings of the Trendfinder. I will say it is a mix of indicators with very unusual parameters.

  3. Jack, Just to avoid confusion on my above comment, I set the system up in Think or Swim, but that does not mean it is available publicly.

  4. Michael,
    Thanks for info- it looks real good!!