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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The "Twilight Zone', or just a bad nightmare?

The Dollar still has life and had a very good week increasing the odds that a bottom of some sort has been put in, for the trend to continue up the Dollar must break-out above the upper channel line of resistance around the $79.25 level.
Yields on US Treasuries continue to accelerate to the upside, not exactly the effect that Ben and the FED were promising when they announced QE2. The desired effects were to drive down interest rates in one last attempt to jump start the economy. The FED is out of bullets now and if the above trend continues all hope of jump starting the economy will be squashed as increasing interest rates kill what little borrowing is now happening. Odds also increase that we are now entering a period of hyper-inflation. So now we have ~17% unemployment(U-6), 40 million people on food stamps, millions of homes headed to, or are in foreclosure and commodity prices sky-rocketing, and Ben Bernanke still has his job, crazy!!!!
The video down below has been all over the internet this week-end and provides a nice piece to end this post with, Enjoy.

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