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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, After the close!!!

The Dollar had a good day, with two consecutive large black candles, a good start if a bottom of some sort is in, the Dollar still has aways to go to confirm this, with a break above 78.36 a great start.
The SPX turned boring today and spend the day consolidating in a tight range, staying negative from the open. The squiggles are mostly likely a 4th wave, but I am unsure of what degree at this point would be the highest probable option. This week is most likely going to turn into a long drawn out week with few reports due and low volume.
Over the week-end I starting incorporating a second computer in my work area that will be solely devoted the running live charts for the Trend FinderII, I am now currently working on getting the final pieces of the studies and alarms set-up in ThinkorSwim and should be up and running soon. After a couple days of seeing how things are working I will do a update on this new set-up. It will be different from the old system with two distinct time frames, hourly, and daily. The good news is I will now be able to share the charts so you can see the signals, and I might start posting those in the morning if time allows. This week is really turning into a great week to work on this project as Thursday is Veterans day so I am expecting a slow in the markets unless some large and unforeseen event happens.

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