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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday after the close updates

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The Summation Index is flashing bullish signals and if tomorrow prints a third black bar that continues to accelerate upwards it will confirm a new trend is underway!!!!
After the close, The SPX worked its way higher after taking out the 20 day and 50 day Moving averages right after the open and is now coming up on gap resistance at 1093-1095 before it challenges a chuck of resistance at the 1100 level. I added an extended 3rd count to the chart to make today's 4th wave fit in, the i-ii could of happened in over-night hours before the cash market opened up yesterday morning and was hidden in that opening gap. The double zig-zag count also fits the wave action, and if this is wave 2 up(red), the SPX is closing in on the 61% retracement range at the same time the a-b-c-x-a-b-c count is wrapping itself up. The RSI also continues to diverge with each successive higher high on the price action, another sign momentum is waning and this rally is either about done or needs a correction for the bullish option for the larger degree count of "C" of 2 up that would eventually push the SPX up to the 1131 range, and maybe higher.
Breadth and volume numbers were much weaker today with breadth closing at 2.39:1, and buy volume accounting for 83% of the total volume.
With tomorrow being the Friday before a major three day holiday week-end volume should be very low as what traders are not already enjoying a vacation bail-out of the offices to get an early start for the extended week-end. This scenario could push the market in two distinct ways, very large moves on little volume(exciting), or just a plain flat day in a tight trading range(boring). I am voting for the boring option!!!
The trend continues to be short-term bullish with the next confirmation at the old high of 1100.14, and the Trend Finder is showing 75% bullish after changing earlier this morning.

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