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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday updates!!!

8:14, There is a jump in "Down" volume, as "Up" volume continues to erode, another sign the trend is about to change.

7:51, This is a comparison of USO with the SPX, both of which have been running together until just recently when USO headed south starting Monday this week. This could be a sign that the SPX is on the verge of a large sell-off to catch back up with USO.
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7:14, The SPX could have a top in, and a break below 1114.63 would confirm that. With this count the SPX would have a finished five waves up to complete the "C" wave of 2 up. The MACD and RSI never made a higher high this morning as the price action did, again another divergence that suggest the rally is waning.
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7:02, The SPX opened gap up, then quickly reversed after making a higher high and recaptured the Bollinger bands with a gap down on the 5 minute chart. This smells like a head fake instead of a bullish move. The Russell did not make a higher high, and the VIX never made a lower low to confirm a bullish move.

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