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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Roy has a short week-end update for us on the SPX that is worth a look, after a brief introduction he starts with a monthly chart that goes back 30 years, with the mother of all head and shoulders, and ends the video with a 60 minute chart with a very-bearish, 1-2 down pattern that could be very short-term bullish, before an Earth -shattering move in the very near-term future, to check out his counts and view the video, Click here!!!

A very good friend of mine, Steven Taylor, and his wife Mary, whom I both highly respect stopped by today to say hello, and in conversation found out that they now have a blog going all about Mushrooms in the Pacific North-West. Steve has been my mentor on picking and cooking various species of wild Mushrooms for many years. Steve and Mary are also quite well-known in the Pacific North-west for their love, and knowledge of the morsels that bring delight to so many, often speaking at special events. Their blog has sections including growing, harvesting, preserving, even how to cook with them among other things. If this strikes your fancy, or has caught your interest, Please check out their blog- Mad About Mushrooms!!!

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