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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week-end Outlook

Roy decided to release a detailed clip of the SPX from his full one hour and forty-four minute week-end update of all the world markets for us to view again this week. This is a real good clip today with a few different possibilities on the squiggles that could effect the bearish sell-off most are expecting for next week, although the probabilities are pointing downwards, the bears do need to be aware of ALL possible scenarios. He also started a twitter account this week where everyone can get updates throughout the day, it is still in the experimental stage, but could be something interesting to check-out next week. To view the full clip of the SPX, Click here!!!

*Since Roy released the video early this week-end, I will reschedule my updates and add some longer term charts first thing Sunday morning. Enjoy the week-end :)


  1. Hi, could you please provide a link to Roy's Twitter page (or provide his Twitter ID)?


  2. Jim
    Roy's twitter account per his homepage


  3. Nice I have twitter too:

    Very nice work here.
    Have a nice sunday.