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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week-end Fib fan charts

This morning I am going to post a few Fib fan charts of different indexes I follow.
This is the longer term Dollar, that broke free of resistance, and now is back down in a quagmire of older highs and lows.

The shorter term look, has some Fib fan support, also, I still have the optional 1-2, 1-2, count going, but the Dollar needs to gather some strength and start making higher highs for this option to stay valid.

The SPX, where the price is coming up to over head trendline resistance.

The VIX, not a pretty picture, still stuck in the bearish Fib fans, and now at the point of losing final support, this NEEDS to hold, for any decent sell-off to go forward in the indexes.

The BKX, stuck right between two Fib fans, one providing support, the other resistance, this will be interesting to see which one breaks first.

The DAX, very similar to our own SPX.

And finally, the BSE, for me, the strongest looking index in the world.

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