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Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is the continuation from yesterday of the second half of the rally, July thru the present. Even though I was able to get an impulse wave to the July highs that could either be labeled as a 1, or "A" wave, the second half breaks way too many rules to be an impulsive wave. Things work out until about the middle of November, with a series of over-lapping 1-2's, then the count hits a brick wall with that circled corrective that is a triangle, meaning either a "B" wave, or a 4th but never a 2nd wave. But where is the 1-2-3, that 4th is correcting?
There is also a problem with alteration, if those waves I have labeled as 2's, were really wave 4's, where are the 2's with flat corrections , because those would-be 4's are a sharp corrections and you need to have alterations between the two corrective wave counts?
The other option would be some sort of Leading Diagonal starting from the July lows, but those are reserved for the beginnings of impulsive waves, and would be acceptable from the March lows in the 1st wave up, but not from the July lows in a 3rd wave up or in the second wave 1 up of a 1-2, 1-2 combination.
Until somebody can show me a micro-count that does not break any rules for impulsive waves, I have no choice but to keep the corrective count as my ONLY option from the March lows. When you look at the big picture the whole structure does look like a five wave structure, but when you break down the smaller degree waves, there is just no way to have a 3rd wave up or a 1-2, 1-2, combo that is a valid count at this point in my humble opinion.

1 comment:

  1. hey man...

    the wave is corrective....

    the only way i fond for the market keep going is an X of a zz or a double three(in this case we can reach the highs above max 2007)....

    but this move is corrective... those who try to say that is impulsive are very wrong....

    cheers man...