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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday, After the close!!!

2010.....The Rally from Ben...

Bulls are complacent, Bears in hibernation..... all because Ben was afraid of deflation..
Obama got his ass kicked in the midterm election... Now he has to turn to Clinton... for direction.

Everything seems rosy, when its really in deep sh*t... Next thing they'll announce is a total market reverse stock split!
Inflation and stocks will just run toward the Moon... Another artificially induced ...stock index balloon.

Policy has run a muck.... Bulls dont seem to give f**k... Easy money brings out greed...
Who needs mathematic solvency, when the bulls have a chance to stampede!?

When it all implodes..and resembles a septic tank....
Just remember to thank..... 'the Bernank'.

Theres a time to laugh..a time to cry... A time to sell....a time to buy.... But its always the time to tighten your stops... Because an 80% run up in a year... is due for one Mother of a DROP!

Brought to you by, Miss Malibu!!!

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