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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eagles Chart!!

This chart was courtesy of Eagle, enjoy!!


  1. Thanks Col, and Thanks EAGLE !!

  2. it is no wonder the USD was down on a Friday, after usually being up lately. HC reform passed over the weekend in Congress. ( still needs Senate approval )

  3. this count is the same that Glenn Neely has for his paid suscriptors

  4. I also suscribe to Mr. Neelys reports and yes the count is the same,but I have followed Eagles postings in the chat room and he held this count even when Mr.Neely had a different one. I like Eagles charts better as he includes much more information on pattern and market behavier. Thanks for all the time you put into this EAGLE and thank you Columbia for posting his updates here as well. I'm very new to this and am learning so much by watching you guys!

  5. Hi Eagle!
    Thanks for the update! I really like how well you explain your yourself. I also really enjoyed reading your book about your life and family.I wish we were not 3,000 miles away as I could learn so much and would love to meet you. Thanks for all you do.