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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is my very bullish option, we have finished up a full fives waves, and are in the process of wave 2 down. I do not expect the retracement to be much more then 25-38%, with the strength of the rally. Also the possibility exists that we are in a 4th wave with a 5th still to come. After this is where the waters muddy, possible that we will be starting 3 of 3 up, or working on some odd kind of ending pattern. The bulls have the run, but volume has yet to pick-up. We are fast approaching the upper resistance/trend line, and this is where the bulls are going to need to show their stuff to break-thru!!


  1. looks like we will gap up Thursday, possile wave 3of 3

  2. what do you see for the gold/silver count?