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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Morning observations

Here is something I came up with this morning, after GV did his excellent blog on NYSE Advance Decline (A/D) Line last week-end. I changed it around a little to make it more tradable by signaling when to be bullish, and when to be bearish in a different format. Comments are always welcome.

I added this chart, along with two others to my public chart list!!


  1. Very nice! thanks for sharing,

    i've played with some coloring to illustrate the SPX points associated with each move. it's ugly, but i believe it's illuminating. Are you a CBS grad? I am.

  2. Nice Chart, Alphahorn, it does catch at least 90% of the moves in both direction, yet is very simple!! No, I am not a CBS grad. I tried to put vertical lines on the chart as you did, but it got really confusing quickly,LOL

  3. Okay, would you like to play ball!?$NYADV&p=D&yr=0&mn=2&dy=6&id=p97647501457&a=177925649

    or would you like to dance? - :)

    This chart will reduce your whipsaw, trades, and maximize your gains. All in the spirit of playing. May the charts be with you!

  4. Just try to fix the lines a bit. I don't why they didn't come up as mine but you got the idea. Take care!