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Monday, September 14, 2009

I thought I would throw this chart up for anybody that has not seen it yet in my public list at Stockcharts, it has really been respecting the lines all the way up through this rally, and will be one of the tools that will confirm when this current rally has exhausted itself.
We are starting to get a few people starting to set-up accounts on Wall Street Survivor, following GV's lead you can now see Marks, Erics, Turboluke, and the newest addition Swank, please add yourself if you want to follow along with everybody else. It is a lot easier to trade, and more life like then CAPS, you can even short and play options. You can sign up at Wall Street Survivor


  1. hi Mickael, on SPX 60 min, chart since the beginning of august it could be a possible ending diagonal A-B-C-D-E ?
    thank you

  2. Possible, yes, but so far it does not like likely

  3. Are we having fun or what? The best is yet to come so come and join us everybody! Look at the bottom of this page for the chat room.