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Monday, September 28, 2009

I just got back from a quick vacation, and after a quick look at my charts, this is my best guess of what is going on, I have not had to chance to explore any other options, nor have any ideas what others are counting, as things get back to normal today I will update my preferred if I have too, but so far I do not think P3 has started, there were no breaks of key supports or trends yet!!


  1. Hey Col! Glad you are back bro! Did you have a good trip? I am with you, I also think we have one more wave up to go.

  2. thanks for adding my blog to your roll. I had already added yours.



  3. i think your idea that 4th isnt finished and it is just A so far fits with the idea that S&P goes lower into Oct to around 1020 before the rebound back to 1080+