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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The blue 1-2 with question marks go with the chart below!!

Here is a new chart, to go with what I was talking about in my last post, the feeling that I got today that we were in the middle of a third wave. We shall see soon how valid this count is, The trendline that was broken, could turn into support and this count would work well with that outcome.


  1. Please see
    for a similar count, but with an extended fifth wave, placing today's
    peak at as iii of the extended fifth wave, calling for a top to come sooner.

  2. My count is only slightly more bullish than yours. Market breadth was higher today then at any time since Sept. 3 suggesting we are only passing through the centre of the wave. Your other post regrading an upcoming triangle is interesting and something to keep in mind. Great ideas. -pat.

  3. Thank-you Pat, If you have a blog going, please drop off a link so I can follow you :)