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Friday, August 14, 2009

After the bell update

Well after all that, there still is not a winner, both the bullish and bearish counts are alive, we never printed below 992, or above 1013. And to top it off, there is one more option that is not on the chart, an a-b-c, from 1012, and finished today, this count could be a-b-c, of A down, with wave B and C to follow building the larger scale {B}, down, and leaving us with wave {C} up to finish wave P2 (this fits in with the double ZZ count from 666, and is not my prefered count). I plan an adding some more charts this week-end, a BDI, with a SPX overlay, with DRYS thrown in there for some comparisions. Plus I would like to add more links to the blog, one idea is to gather all of GV's old blogs and make a section for those to reference all the information he has put up since the begining of the year (Maybe Mary could point out a fast way to find those) ;)

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