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Thursday, August 13, 2009

After the bell update

Here are a couple of charts, first I have changed the count on the run-up from 666, I now am preferring the A-B-C count, instead of the double ZZ. I found a way to make it work, and not have wave 3 of A, the shortest of the impulse, that has been a problem when I tried working that count before. And by making wave B, an expanded flat, the proportions now look better and are acceptable to me. On the short term chart, I have two option, the first bearish, a 1-2 of A down count, and the Bullish count, A-B, for an ending diagonal, to finish off wave C of 2. The is also a very bullish option, that A-B, becoming another 1-2, for a lot higher highs

1 comment:

  1. Many EW's seem to think that we had an expanding flat ABC recently - surely with the B wave higher this is really a running ABC -(most pwerful of all correction types)& would have signalled a very strong follow on after completion